S3 LED Solar Panel Light 20W 30W

S3 Series Street Light With Solar Panel


The new S3 Series Street Light with Solar Panel is LUXMAN’s 3rd generation All in One solar LED lighting system. It comes with a sensor and a savvy remote controller to program the lighting mode. The intelligent control system of Street Light with Solar Panel scientifically calculates the lighting output on the basis of the weather and battery capacity to make sure that the lighting system can illuminate in dark. Once the battery is fully charged, it can support 7 days 12 hours full night lighting.

The new S3 Series Street Light with Solar Panel 100% powered by the sun, this robust stand-alone solution is designed for a sustainable future in both residential areas and urban areas, i.e. garden, pathway, garage, park, etc.


Remote Control


7 rainny days operation

160 LM/W

high lumen efficacy optional